Designed by Yoshihiko Matsuo and a Nissan team, the concept for this car came from Yutaka Katayama, president of Nissan Motors USA operations.


This sleek streamlined, long-nosed sports car came with fitted with 2.4 liter engine, manual choke, 4-speed manual transmission and 151 horsepower.  The 240Z used twin SU-style Hitachi one-barrel side-draft carburetors. 


All variants have four-wheel independent suspension consisting of MacPherson struts in front (borrowed from the Nissan Laurel C30) and Chapman struts in back. Front disc brakes and rear drums were standard.

The Tokyo marketing division called it the Datsun Fairlady 240Z.  The Japanese cars retained the title but it was felt the name wouldn't do well in the American market.






Datsun 240Z sports car
Datsun 240Z Brake Drum
Datsun 240Z Brake Drum
Datsun 240Z Brake Drums


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