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The Best For Last

STUTZ BEARCAT. The mere sound of those words prompts visions of Strength, Agility and Fierceness! Having initial success at the inaugural running of the Indianapolis 500, in 1911, the Bear Cat (then written as two separate words) earned the reputation as 'The Car That Made Good in a Day.'

Bear Cat manufacturing ceased in 1924 but the company reintroduced its sophisticated sports model again in 1931 as an attempt to survive the Great Depression. Maintaining its racing presence, the 1933 Bearcat was enhanced by the DV-32, a 32-valve, 8-cylinder engine, which became the crowning glory and 'Swan Song' for Stutz. As so often seems to be the case, their best work came at the end.

While its an admirable undertaking to restore and display a trophy vehicle, the excitement is often in the ability to take it for a spin and prove its capabilities. Regardless of the money invested on restoration, a vehicle is often useless to most owners if its not able to be driven.

Here at J&G, we comprehend the safety concerns and importance of properly functioning brakes. Using top-quality equipment and materials, you can trust your safety and that of your vintage automobile to J&G Relining, where Strength, Agility and Fierceness of our brake drums is made top priority.

Drive with confidence. When you reach your destination, you'll find that, like Stutz, our best work also comes at the end....when you step on the brake to stop.

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