Top-Grade Aid for Brake Fade
Top-Grade Aid for Brake Fade

Brake Creations For All Generations
Brake Creations For All Generations

Left Handed and Right Handed Pontiac Wheel Studs

Top-Grade Aid for Brake Fade
Top-Grade Aid for Brake Fade

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J&G Brake Drum Relining & Refurbishing


"Brake Drums, Liners & Shoes for Classic Vehicles -

Domestic to Foreign - Stately to Supercharged

 J&G Brake Drum Relining & Refurbishing was founded on our love for vintage automobiles. Our goal is to help you take your classic car down the road with confidence in its stopping ability; not having to worry about pulling to the left or right or wondering whether it can stop in time to avoid an accident.


We do this by supplying relined/refurbished brake drums and relining/arc brake shoes to match the new drum liners for most models of classic and vintage vehicles. We also restore brake bands on earlier model vehicles. We'll have yours relined in a short time so your classic car is equipped to safely cruise down memory lane.

Our Services include:

  • Cosmetic Restoration to Brake Drums

  • Repairing Broken & Damaged Aluminum Fins

  • Installing New Cast Iron Liners

  • Reline and Arc Brake Shoes

  • Balancing Pontiac 8-Lug Wheels

  • Relining Brake Bands on Early Model Vehicles

  • Left & Right Handed Pontiac 8-Lugs


We are the only company that uses a THREE-STEP PROCESS to install new cast iron liners into the drum. Why? We value safety!


With today's technology and materials, our relined and refurbished brake drums are better than those that first came on your vehicle direct from the factory.  ​​


Our products are made in the USA with American-made materials and are distributed to vintage car enthusiasts globally.  We do all welding and machining in-house. We also offer 3 different compounds for brake pads, depending on your application.

We have sold over 2,500 relined Pontiac aluminum brake drums and wheels. We also maintain an inventory of 1960-1968 relined aluminum brake drums and wheels, and 1962 short fin Aluminum Brake Drums with new liners and wheels.


Our relined drums are being used for street use while others are used for drag and road racing.  We have the largest use of drums than any other vendors across the board, giving us very large feedback on usages.  This important information helps us to better serve our customers needs.

We are steadily adding to the types of vehicles we service, whether domestic or foreign, stately or super-charged, we are more than capable of maximizing your stopping performance. We look forward to hearing about your vehicle - allow us to maximize your stopping performance!

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J&G Brake Drum Relining and Refurbishing, located in McHenry, Illinois, was selected for the 2019 'Best of McHenry' awards in the

category of Brake Shop.

Best of McHenry 2019 award for Brake Shop
J&G Brake Drum Relining


Aluminum & Cast Brake Drums​
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