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Scarab was an all-American sports car and open-wheel race car built and designed in the 1950's by Tom Barnes and Dick Troutman for Reventlow Automobiles, Inc. which was owned by Lance Reventlow.

Reventlow was heir to the Woolworth department store fortune and poured much of his money into exotic cars and building the Scarab. 


Reventlow built only 8 Scarabs - 3 front-engined Chevy-powered and 1 rear-engine sports car; 3 front-engined and 1 rear-engined formula racers.


The Scarab beat a field of international factory teams at the 1958 Riverside International Grand Prix and won the 1958 SCCA National Championship.  Carroll Shelby drove one to victory at Continental Divide Raceways in Castle Rock, Colorado, setting a new course record.

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Scarab sports car
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