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Triumph's TR range of cars was built between 1953-1981 by the Triumph Motor Company in the United Kingdom.

Introduced in 1961, the TR4 had a completely new body designed by Giovanni Michelotti. The TR4 was upgraded to the TR4A in 1965 with the addition of independent rear suspension. 

Consecutive models featured independent rear suspension, servo-assisted brakes, 2.5 liter version of the straight-six engine and fuel injected carburetors.

Produced from 1969 to 1976, the Triumph TR6 marked the end of the line for the classic, open headlamp series sports car. As such, they have become much sought after by collectors and sports car enthusiasts. It is well-suited for long touring with its many improvements, including a redesigned soft top, comfortable seats and an attractive optional hardtop.

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Vintage Triumph TR model sports car
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Refurbished Triumph TR Brake Drum
Refurbished Triumph TR Brake Drum
J&G Brake Drum Relining


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