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8-lug wheels were offered on all full-size Pontiacs midway through the 1960 model year, and were available until the 1969 model year, when disc brakes became available. They bolted up to the standard-equipment axles with no modifications, and even used the same brake shoes as their iron-drum siblings.

The purpose of the 8-lug was to use the superior heat conductivity of aluminum to reduce brake fade. The finned aluminum hub and drum were cast around an iron liner, providing a durable surface for the brake shoes to press against. A steel rim was attached to the hub at eight points around its perimeter by lugs and decorative chromed nuts. The rim was dressed up with a chrome-plated stainless-steel trim ring, and a center cap, also chrome-plated stainless, completed the wheel. Aside from its advanced engineering, the 8-lug wheel represents the first modern example of an American manufacturer offering a custom wheel as a factory option. 

The original short-fin drum design was used in 1960 through 1962; the front drums changed in 1962 when tapered bearings replaced ball bearings.

The fins were lengthened in 1963, requiring a change in the rim design. In 1964, the drums were painted black, with the top edge of each fin remaining unfinished aluminum. Finally, in 1965, the drums were widened by a quarter-inch, as were the iron drums that were standard equipment. The trim rings were altered once, in 1963, and the design of the center cap changed four times.

The 8-lug drums were made of aluminum with a cast iron liner on the inside.  The front drums from 1965-1968 will not fit any other years; the rear drums will fit any of the other years. The ID of these drums are 11" and they have 8 wheel studs with special steel wheels.​​​​

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Classic 8-Lug Pontiac Bonneville

In the Pontiac world, two types of wheel studs were made in the early 1960's. Left-Handed wheel studs and Right-Handed wheel studs. 


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Left & Right Handed Wheel Studs

Relined Pontiac 8-Lug Brake Drum
Refurbished Pontiac 8-Lug Brake Drum
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