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1912 - 1936

The Hispano-Suiza H6 is a luxury car that was produced by Hispano-Suiza, mostly in France. Introduced at the 1919 Paris Motor Show.  The H6 was produced until 1933; approximately 2,350 H6, H6B, and H6C cars were produced.

The H6 engine featured a straight-six engine inspired by designer Marc Birkigt's work on V8 aluminum World War I aircraft engines. The body was designed by the American coach designers Hibbard & Darrin.

Through the 1920s and into the 1930s, Hispano-Suiza built a series of luxury cars with overhead camshaft engines of increasing performance. On the other hand, in the 1930s, Hispano-Suiza's V-12 car engines reverted to pushrod valve actuation to reduce engine noise.

A series of five racing H6Bs with short wheelbases and slightly enlarged engines was built in 1922. These were referred to as "Boulogne", to celebrate the H6's triple victory at the sports car race at Boulogne by pilots Dubonnet, Garnier & Boyriven in 1923.

A later series of short-wheelbase H6Cs was built, eventually being referred to as "Monzas".

A six-wheeled H6A was ordered by the King of Greece, but after his abdication was purchased by the motion picture director D. W. Griffith. It is now at the Forney Museum in Denver.

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