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The BMW 507 is a roadster that was produced from 1956 to 1959. It was intended to be exported to the United States at a rate of thousands per year, but the expense resulted in only 252 cars being produced and heavy losses for the manufacturer.   


The roadster body was mostly hand-formed aluminum so no two models were quite the same.  Eleven were sold with an optional hand-fabricated removable hardtop, but due to differences from car to car, each hardtop fit only the specific car for which it was made.

507s had welded aluminium fuel tanks of 110 litres (29.1 US gal) capacity behind the rear seats. These large tanks limited both boot space and passenger space, and gave off the smell of fuel inside the car when the hood was erected or the hardtop was in place. Series II and later 507s had fuel tanks of 66 litres (17.4 US gal) capacity under the boot, shaped around a space for the spare tyre to fit.

The front suspension had parallel double wishbones with

torsion bar springs and an anti-roll bar. The rear suspension had a live axle, also sprung by torsion bars, and located by a Panhard rod and a central, transverse A-arm to control acceleration and braking forces.


The brakes were Alfin drum brakes of 284.5 mm (11.2 in) diameter, and power brakes were optional. Late-model 507s had front Girling disc brakes & Pirelli 185VR16 Cinturato radial tires.

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Classic vintage BMW 507 Roadster
Refurbished BMW Brake Drum
Refurbished BMW Brake Drum
J&G Brake Drum Relining


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