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Allard Motor Company Limited was a London-based car manufacturer producing approximately 1900 cars, from 1945 to1958. 


Allards featured large American V8 engines in a light British chassis and body, engineered for superior roadholding and rally racing with its high power-to-weight ratio.

Three post-war models were introduced with a newly designed steel chassis and lightweight body shells.


The J is a starkly trimmed and equipped 2-seater competition sports car.  Only 12 were produced and went only to buyers who would rally them. 


The K a slightly larger car intended for road use equipped with Ford and Mercury V8 engines in the home market and Chrysler and Cadillac V8s in the USA.  119 were produced.

The L is a 4-seat roadster, produced from 1946 to 1950. It was on a 112-inch wheelbase and available with a choice of Ford V8 or Mercury engines. 191 were produced.

Sydney Allard remains the only man to have won the Monte Carlo rally and lead at Le Mans driving a car bearing his own name.



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