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1968 Olds 98

J&G stand behind their work. When there was a problem refurbishing my brake drums, Don went out of his way to make it right. I am very satisfied with the finished product.

Ian U., Carlsbad, CA​


1963 Pontiac 8-Lug

I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic job on these 8-lugs. I now see how I had short-finned wheels all these years. LOL Tim was really impressed, as well, and they run and stop phenomenally (no squeak, no pull, just smooth braking). Wow. Superb craftsmanship which is sadly so rare to see these days.I've left you a favorable review in the Performance Years forums, in the "Pontiac Business Entities Exchange" forum, where people get to post good and bad about different vendors and service providers.Best of luck going forward, and stay well.

Lewis R., Leesburg, VA​


1950 Jaquar XK120

Thanks for the great job on the brakes.  They look super.  I’ll put a post on the Jag restoration site about J&G.

Steve A., Yorkville, IL​


1977 Chevy Truck

You're brake shoe re-line on my 77 Chevy Trk was great. It is now right. Tks.

Larry L., Penrose, CO​


1964 Pontiac

Finished up putting everything back together today and thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures. By the way the car stops, no more grinding noises and no more chattering. Hope to see you at Back to the Fifties. Thanks again.

Daniel H., Andover, MN​


1941 Hupmobile

Hi Don, Got my brake drum back today for my 1941 Hupmobile. Looks brand new. Thanks for your great service and craftsmanship. Here are a few pics of my Hupmobile (Picture posted to our Photo Page) Thanks Again,

Allan W.​


1936 Ford Pickup

Got the drums and shoes. Thank You. You guy's did an excellent job on what you had to work with. Will definitely refer in the future. Was a pleasure doing business with you. Much appreciated.

Wayne L., Oklahoma


Pontiac Ventura

Don,Just wanted to tell you that we finally got the wheels on and they look great. Thanks for all your help.

Bob E., Kalamazoo, MI​

Mercedes 300 SL

I would like to just say thanks for the great job you did on my drums, the relining job was far beyond what I thought could be done with my drums.  I have told many of the members in our club about your service and they all look forward to working with you in the future.

Jeff M., Marietta, GA

356 Porsche

I just wanted to drop you a note on how happy I was with my drums you relined for me. They really looked good; all most didn’t want to put them back on the car.  My car stops so much better than it ever did.  Thanks again.

Murray K., Schenectady, NY

1958 Alfa Romeo Guiletta Spider Veloce

I just wanted to send a message to let you know that I received the brakes and was able to install and take the car for a drive. Your workmanship was excellent, and they function perfectly, absolutely no vibration or pulling at any speed, with absolutely a smooth engagement.

It's a pleasure to do business with you. I'll make sure to recommend your shop to anyone needing this kind of service in the future. Thanks again and have a great day!

Ashley B., Greenfield, MA

1964 Pontiac Bonneville

Wow wow wow! Don you made my late Dad proud. They are beautiful. Thank you so much. Your truly a man of your word. Thank You and God Bless. :)

Steve B., St. Louis, MO

1960's Sprint Car Hubs

Don...Wow they look awesome...I cannot believe they are the same drums...Thank you so much for helping me out.

Jimmy W., Kansas City, MO


1962 Corvette


Brake drums and shoes arrived yesterday. They look great, and I have so say I was very impressed with the packaging. Very professional. Thanks again.

Larry M., Chesapeake, VA

Just unpacked this morning, gorgeous work on those. Thank you!
Randy E., Mount Kisco, NY


Pontiac 8-Lug

Hey Don,

Many thanks for your prompt service. The car stops on a dime!

Bobby B.

1964 Pontiac

I received the drums and I opened one box and you people do a great work, Thank You, I myself is an engineer and machinist, I will send my original drums as soon as I get them off the car and thanks again. Not too many Pontiac's in Canada have these wheels, I am the only one in the area that has them and people think they are so cool.

Randall W., Cambridge, Ontario


I've had you do some pontiac drums, a few years back. I was so thankful that there was still someone filling this need. So, thanks again for all you do for the classic car collectors. Wish you well with the website, it looks great!

Fred B, Leland, NC

1950 Ford 250 Truck

Hey Don : Got the drums and shoes late yesterday, and they do look great. Fine, fine work. Thank you. It'll be a few days before I can get them installed. Due to a highly unusual and very early snow storm last weekend things got slowed down a lot, but we're finally dried out, and warming back up, so getting down on the ground under the ol' beast to fit the new m/cyl should go pretty well - then a new, rerouted brake line on the left side, which I finally figured out was a big part of the problem - it ran too close to the exhaust headers on the 460 - don't think it boiled the brake fluid, but it did force the fluid out around the wheel cyls, and the m/cyl seals, which eventually emptied the m/cyl. Anyway - it'll work a LOT better with the great work you did.

Gene E, Cheney, WA

1932 Ford Hot Rod

Hi Don,I have just received and unpacked my relined drums from you and I am totally impressed and extremely satisfied with the quality and professionalism of the job including the packaging... very well done mate. I'll send a set of 'core' shoes for you to reline and arc. Many thanks for the great job and service.

Bell's Auto Parts, Bakersfield, CA
(For client in New Zealand)


1935 Dodge Truck

Don, just received the brake shoes back and they look great. You guys 

did a fantastic job.  Thanks again. 
Jerry S., Shepherd, MI

1970 Buick GS

Got it yesterday.  Haven't opened but confident all is good!  Wonderful doing business with you. Know how to treat customers that unfortunately is rare today. Thanks again!
 Lee H., Ankeny, IA

1963 Pontiac

I would like to thank you for a great job on my brake drums. 
I know the drums were in pretty bad shape but the work you did was beyond what I thought could be done. It was great to see this type of work being done on these Classic Cars. Thanks again.
Darrell M., Columbia, IL

1964 Pontiac

I would like to thank you for such a quick turnaround time on my customers car,  when we remove the drums I was not thinking about how do I move the car until the drums come back. After calling you and explained to you my problem, you were so helpful in getting the drums done so quickly.

Rich F., Wesley Chapel, FL

J&G Brake Drum Relining


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