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World War II Era VW Beetle Brakes

Decades prior to Disney's Herbie, The Love Bug and VWs adorned with peace signs and daisies by the Hippie Movement, the Volkswagen Beetle was commissioned in Germany by Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler as an economy car for Nazi Soldiers.

At the time, it more closely resembled a horse and buggy than any other car on the road. Because of this and the fact that German citizens were often abused when the Nazis were around, the phrase “Punch Buggy” was born, the precursor to the popular road trip game known as Slug Bug.

Here at J&G Brake Drum Relining & Refurbishing, we're pleased to announce we now refurbish Original Vintage World War II era Volkswagen Beetles, beginning with a 1941 model which would have been among the first German VW's made. At present, this era of brake drums is not being reproduced.

We will also purchase any Original Vintage VW brakes and shoes from Beetles no longer in running condition. Please contact us for further information on that.

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